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Lifetime Warranty Dimmers

Choosing The Correct Dimmers For Your Home When many homeowners purchase dimmers, they think they are all the same, but this is not the case. The main factors to consider when purchasing dimmers are the quality, longevity, and the energy efficiency of the dimmer.

Many homeowners pick up a dimmer at the local "big box" store, their local hardware store, or even at their local electrical supply house. There are many dimmers that are made specifically for them, sometimes they even have the exact same model numbers, but are made differently to make a cheaper product available to them. You would not know the difference until the dimmer failed prematurely, or the finish turned yellow with age. In the long run it is much less expensive to buy better quality dimmers.

Significant Energy Savings
Choosing a high quality dimmer means saving valuable energy. With todays high energy cost, the saving realized by using a dimmer can be substantial. When you dim a bulb 33%, you can reduce your energy consumption by 30%. If you dim a bulb 10% you can double the life of the bulb, and if you dim the bulb 20% you can quadruple the life of the bulb.

At illuminations we feature dimmers that match you Decora style switches, and you can dim slightly and keep the setting in memory, preventing the "kids" from putting the lights on high all of the time. Speaking of the kids, we even have switches that turn off your lights automatically for those households where people constantly forget to turn lights off.

Quality Designer's Touch Dimmers
To give you the best selection, at Illuminations we offer several brands of dimmers. Our premier dimmers from our Designer's Touch collection offer an exclusive lifetime warranty not found on other dimmers. In addition they are non-yellowing, and are rated for 700 watts compared to 600 watts for a standard dimmer. To make choosing a color easier, many of our Designer's Touch dimmers come packed with white, ivory, and almond faces all in one box, and can be used as a single switch, or a 3-way switch.

Dimmer and Switch Colors
At Illuminations, our designers know that the little touches can make the biggest difference in the look of your home. We offer our dimmers in both satin or glossy finishes, with coordinating switches to match. Our palate includes over 37 satin colors and 7 gloss colors. In order to match the very popular stainless appliances, we have titanium switches and dimmers, and decorative switch plate covers in titanium or colored plates with stainless trim.

Low Voltage, CFL, and LED Dimmers
All bulbs other than incandescent bulbs require a compatible dimmer. Many CFL packages claim that the bulbs will work with a standard dimmer, but they can flicker & the bulb life will be shorter. Low voltage dimmers come in two types, one for magnetic transformers, and one for electronic transformers. Using the correct dimmer for your application will prevent a costly transformer malfunction. Our LED dimmers will eliminate annoying LED flicker when you dim LED lighting. At Illuminations, our sales staff will insure that you get the correct dimmer to make your purchase worry-free.

Ganging Dimmers

When you put multiple dimmers next to each other, you usually have to de-rate the maximum wattage for each dimmer. That means that when you put three 600-watt dimmers next to each other, they all become 400-watt dimmers. Our Designer's Touch are rated for 700 watts compared to 600 watts for a standard dimmer and can be ganged without "de-rating" (put next to other dimmers without changing the maximum load).

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