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Quality Light Bulbs

Choosing The Correct Dimmers For Your Home

When many homeowners purchase light bulbs, they think they are all the same. This is not the case. The main factors to consider when purchasing bulbs are the quality, longevity, and energy efficiency of the bulb. In the long run it is much less expensive to buy better quality bulbs.

12 Volt Low Voltage Bulbs
The most energy efficient light bulbs for recessed lighting, track lighting or mini pendant lighting are 12-volt, MR16 reflector bulbs and bi-pin bulbs. Low voltage bulbs give off better quality light and consume less energy than traditional bulbs. Our 12-volt bulbs save over 70% on your energy bill. These energy efficient bulbs require a transformer, so when planning your project it would be best to select fixtures designed for 12-volt bulbs. Our American-made recessed lights, when used with our European 12-volt bulbs, can save over $650 per hi-hat over the life of one bulb.

At Illuminations, we use European MR16 bulbs that last longer and provide brighter light than traditional bulbs. While brand name bulbs such as GE and Phillips are believed to be an American-made bulb, most often these bulbs are made in China and are imported due to of their low price. Our 12-volt bi-pin bulbs are not only of better quality than chain store bulbs, but last longer, burn brighter and will not cause damage to a fixture socket.

120 Volt Reflector Bulbs

Many homeowners already have 6" recessed or track lighting in their homes that waste energy when using incandescent bulbs. With today`s ever-rising energy costs, changing bulbs to a more efficient halogen bulb can save 40% on your lighting bill, and give off better light and emit less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs.

At Illuminations our 90 watt, hi-hat bulb replaces a 120 watt bulb and gives off more light with true white color, a wider spread of light and less heat than traditional bulbs. Our European bulb can save over $160 in lighting costs over the life of one bulb. For even greater savings, check out our new LED bulbs that save 90% in energy costs, or up to $3,000 over the life of one bulb.

Standard Bulbs

Replacing your standard light bulbs with energy efficient halogen bulbs will save 40% on lighting costs, last 3-4 times longer and give off better quality light than traditional bulbs. For fixtures rated for 60 watts, we can provide a 60-watt bulb that is as bright as a 75-watt bulb. This is particularly useful when requiring more light in a fixture with a limited energy rating.

Chandelier Bulbs

When purchasing bulbs for your chandelier, better quality bulbs will last longer, give off better quality light, and the metal base will not break off in the socket. At Illuminations, many of our customers choose our silk wrap satin string bulbs rather than the old style frosted torpedo or tipped chandelier bulb. They not only add beauty to your chandelier, but also burn 50% brighter than most bulbs. In addition, we offer a one-year warranty on our exclusive Designer"s Touch silk wrap bulbs.

Fluorescent Retrofit Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs are very energy- efficient and can save the homeowner lighting costs. They are a terrific option when bulbs need to be left on for extended periods. While they are more energy-efficient than halogen bulbs, they do not give off the same quality light needed for such tasks as lighting a kitchen. At Illuminations, we carry a compact fluorescent bulb that gives off better light and color than bulbs that may be sold elsewhere. If you already own a compact fluorescent, you may bring it in to compare to ours.

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